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The name is legendary. The Brunswick legacy is rich in history, a history that spans nearly two centuries. But even legends have humble beginnings. John Moses Brunswick started in a small Cincinnati wood shop building carriages.

The young John Moses Brunswick was known for his attention to detail and impeccable standards of quality.

Then one night in 1845 Brunswick saw a billiard table for the first time and was spellbound by its intricacy and beauty. As a carriage maker who was passionate about woodworking, he was fascinated with its design and workmanship. Brunswick quickly decided this was his chance to build something with unlimited potential and lasting beauty.

"If it is wood, we can build it, and we can build it better than anyone else," Brunswick said, and he lived up to his word. Within ten years he had carved an impeccable reputation for his fine tables and had built the foundation of what would become the largest billiard company in the world.

The Legend Continues

In 1845, the J.M. Brunswick Company produced its first billiard table. By 1850, Brunswick tables were known around the world as masterpieces of original craftsmanship and design. The world has changed tremendously, but the Brunswick commitment to exceptional quality remains. John Moses Brunswick's creative vision continues to thrive at Brunswick Billiards in Bristol, Wisconsin, where you'll find over a century and a half of exceptional engineering and innovative style built into every table. A timeless tribute to excellence in design and workmanship, every model is backed by a lifetime warranty and has the best resale value in the industry.

Part of the Legend

Experience our rich history for yourself. By investing in a Brunswick table, you not only own the best playing pool table in the world, you own part of the Brunswick heritage... nearly two centuries of quality products, outstanding service, and value par excellence.

Available Models

Black Wolf | Billiards Brunswick | Aloha Pools & Spas

Black Wolf

Naturally dramatic, the Black Wolf table is in its element in contemporary homes, from casually chic to sleek and sophisticated. Durable plastic pocket corners, round rail sights, and jet-black laminate provide the perfect detail. Built for a lifetime of enjoyment.

BridgePort | Billiards Brunswick | Aloha Pools & Spas


From its luxurious finish to its distinctive legs and pockets, the Bridgeport is designed with true transitional spirit. It's a harmonic blend of styles that can be adapted to an individual's preference. Beauty and practicality are key aspects of the Bridgeport, and it's built to meet the demands of an active household.

Glenwood | Billiards Brunswick | Aloha Pools & Spas


A traditional table with modern sensibilities, the Glenwood is a graceful addition to any home. Plus, have it your own way with Brunswick's most versatile model. This fully customizable table offers a wide variety of table finishes, leg styles, cloth and pocket styles. Design the perfect solid wood table for your home at an affordable price. The Glenwood has is all.

Oakland | Billiards Brunswick | Aloha Pools & Spas


The straight lines, simple design and heavy proportion of the Oakland table are trademark characteristics of the Arts & Crafts style of furniture originally popular during the 1890s to 1910s. This distinct table features solid wood rails, leather pockets and a beautiful chestnut finish.

Westcott | Billiards Brunswick | Aloha Pools & Spas


An elegant, solid wood table, the Westcott features two hidden storage drawers. Perfect for keeping everything organized, it is also great where space is limited. One drawer is ready to hold up to five full-size cues and the other will hold all of your accessories including pocket balls, table brush, 8-ball and 9-ball racks, bridge, and shorty cue. Made of select hardwoods, features ball and claw legs, fringe pockets, and is available in three finishe